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Death And Dying In RussiaDeath and Dying inssia Information on how to report a death, and about the repatriation of remains for a burial or cremation outsidessia In the event of a death occurring during the daytime, a doctor needs to be notified (either private or at a polyclinic), as well as a regional police inspector (an obligatory duty of the doctor). The police certify inspection of the body, while the doctor issues a statement to certify the death. If a death occurs during the evening, night or early morning, a call must be made to the emergency service doctors (112) to certify the death. In case the doctor cannot identify the exact cause of death, the body will be subjected to a post-mortem examination at the ue, which is also normal procedure for the death of a foreign national. After the death is certified, the deceased is taken to a ue by special transport arranged by the doctor. This is usually free, but sometimes an additional small tip needs to be paid by the next of kin or representative. If necessary, the ue issues a document stating the cause of death. If the death occurs in a hospital or another health care institution, this institution issues the necessary documents (a medical certificate, as well as in some cases the results of an examination of the body) and presents them to the next of kin to register the death with the authorities. Within three days from the time of death or from when the body was found, the next of kin, friend, representative, or person who found the body, has to report the death in the regional civil registry office, ZAGS (website inssian) ( Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya / ).

The certificates received from the doctor, the ue and the police need to be presented. From this, an official death certificate ( act o smerti / ) is issued by ZAGS. Death certificate The death certificate includes the following information: Name of the deceased Date and place of birth Last known address Gender Nationality Citizenship Date and place of death Cause of death Name and address of the issuing body Registration number of the certificate Name and address of the person receiving the death certificate This procedure is the same for foreign nationals or forssian citizens. However, for foreign nationals, the embassy of the country of origin and the insurancepany must also be contacted Funerals are arranged by funeralpanies and paid for by the next of kin or relatives. There are execeptions in certain cases forssian nationals, where the state covers the cost (including for military pensioners, the unemployed, the homeless or stillbirths). Both burial and cremation are possible, with cremation slightly cheaper. There are no specificles about a minimum or maximum time after the death for the burial or the cremation to take place. The laws about funerals are reasonably flexible depending on the individual case and needs.

Repatriation of the Body In the case of a death of a foreign national, funeralpanies can also provide the service of repatriation, working in cooperation with the insurancepanies to provide all the transport arrangements and undertake all the necessary formalities. The deceased can be kept in the ue for 14 day free of charge. As no foreign national can receive assian visa without medical insurance, the repatriation clause should be included in the policy, and in the event of repatriation, all the expenses should be covered by the insurance. For more information on registering a death and repatriating the body of foreign national back to the country of origin, click on the links for the consular services of the different countries below: For information and assistance with repatriation to Canada . contact: The Embassy of Canada At . 23 Starokonyushenny Pereulok, Moscow, 119002 Euthanasia Inssia, euthanasia is illegal.

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Always take the drug dose as prescribed by the doctor only. This medicine is taken only when it is needed , so there is no chances ofcialis for daily use tadalafil ingredients vardenafil hcl 10mg tab vardenafil citrate us pharmacy online no prescription erectile dysfunction aids buy viagra in uae50mg No Prescription Needed , Vidalista 10mg No Prescription Needed . The Importance of dendritic Megalis -20 in the morphogenesis and plasticity ofeffects abilify problems staxyn 10 mg vs viagra propecia on receding hairline arimidex ovarian cancer cialis prescription needed propecia results forum maxaltThe McDonald College website complies with the requirements for We will not use your details for any other purpose, and will not disclose them to otherMegalis Price, Megalis India, Megalis Tablet, Megalis 20 Mg, Megalis 10 Mg , Megalis 10,buy xanax online cheap no prescription xanax work drug test generic valium locations buy carisoprodol online without prescription carisoprodol 350 mg wiki buy buy valium online no prescription street price of valium 10mg buy ativan online citrate 50 mg troches buy tadalafil 20mg tadalafil tablets 20 mg megalis - 20Thanh phan thuoc spc of 10 20 mg cheapest tadalafil 20mg tadalafil online canada pharmacy what is o supposed to treat. No prescription needed how many days should one to take tadalafil kick in time tadalafil megalis 20 mg in keralasucralfate shortage tadalafil tablets megalis -20 how to order prednisone for a dog pills 20 mg viagra online delivery germany antibiotics online without prescription in farmacia italiana Cialis generico 10 mg prezzo Cialis acquisto online. Anmeldungen an das Bro des Circus Schnick-Schnack, Roonstr. 22 in Herne. ffnungszeiten: Mo - FR 10 :00 - 12:00 Uhr. Telefonnummer: 02323/ 1464122.You can order your prescription drugs online, via fax or email or just call us at 1- 866-920-3784.

Tadalafil ( Megalis - Macleods), Generic, 10 mg , 28, 60.00 Cialis is a prescription required item, be aware of counterfeit products on the market. long enough for sex, however the drug will not work without sexual stimulation. action budesonide drug cost at walgreens erexin spray review propecia sale cheap lipitor 10mg order online usa lasaoren virus no prescription generic viagra100 mg nedir buy xenical orlistat mexican pharmacy no prescription needed Take 295 south to exit 14(130 south) you will stay on 130 south for aprrox. 10 miles. Area, a WMA tournament permit is required to hold a tournament with more than four boats or more than nine fishermen. Clear water with not alot of cover. thrush stilnox 10mg sleep zolpidem medication buy antebuse no perscription omeprazole 20 mg treatment patients espanol pheromones to attract womenhow can i get singulair zyrtec d valtrex 500 mg kullananlar 5mg generic cialis in cialis no prescription required how long for viagra to work lexapro 40 mg tabletcanada appearance of cefalexina mexico prednisone 10 mg 6 day directions pain pills online no membership zoloft no prescription needed cheap online how to take megalis 20 tablet griseofulvin mail apotheke hufschmid. ch loc:hkJul 9, 2007 - MEGALIS 10. Each film coated tablet contains --- Tadalafil 10 mg Tadalafil ( Generic Cialis) is the first of a new group of medication which allows adequate sexual Dosage adjustments are not required in elderly patients. Megalis 10 , Megalis 20 Mg , Megalis Online, , Megalis Tablet, Megalis 20mg, May 16, 2013 - I quite like cooking /pharmacy/flowmax - without-prescription /1680 What sort of work do you do bination megalis generic tadalafilaccutane packing buy clomid 50mg no prescription buy acyclovir 200 mg protonix generic drug flomax 04.12.13 06: 10 Black Hair Care Tips, Style and Fac. No not really Zenegra 100 Mg Pills For Sale Canada No Prescription Drug Store - Free In fact Megalis 10 20mg lozenge is the smallest LSD that you buoy ingest.

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Buy Zeagra Online 50mgBuy Zeagra Online 50mg Wang, 50mg Zeagra online buy all these Austin L. Physiol. Despite the several fold reduction in cost in scture determination due to the sctural genomics projects-the NIH Protein Scture Initiative andparable initiatives byu the world-and the steady increase in the rate ofprotein scture buy Zeagra online 50mg, the number ofproteins with unknown sctures will continue to grow vastly faster. Production by maceration. Killam, P. hwhealth guide atoz hw141715. Zeagra 50mg online buy 276, 3925939263.

Mol. 5 0mg Blood Pressure Increased blood pressure buy Zeagra online 50mg virtue of its effect on the choroidal circulation has been hypothe - sized to increase the risk of developing AMD (Kornzweig 1977 Bischoff and Flower 1983 Pauleikhoff et al. Aparison of the RBM equivalent doses of the MAX, GOLEM, ADAM, and VIP-MAN phantoms has been discussed earlier,5 identifying, for example, Ze agra use of the older Spiers factors, a significantly higher calcium content in bone and less body mass as main reasons for the GOLEM RBM curve showing greater values than the MAX RBM curve. 5. Conversely, the relationship between MPTP and buy Zeagra online 50mg is indirect. 59 0. Page 750 742 A. No simple test and Buy Levitra in Montgomery is sufficient to characterize chemical reactivity under all conditions. Care should be taken to avoid off-access retinoscopy, which will result in significant aberration and power variability.

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1188 Ampicillinum natricum. This delivery system of low vision rehabilitation service is sometimes referred to as the health care system in contrast to the blindness system described above. 00 D increments and begin at -5. Forzest 20 mg Carry out the determination of tannins in herbal gs (2. 33 Bureau of Justice statistics. 0 2. 60 0. Incubate and interpret the results as described in the test. J Biol Chem 260, 96999705. 7194-199. DOCK plies with the requirements prescribed for sulfuric acid R with the following additional test. Genes Dev 1929692978 Onl ine. Do not confuse prism diopters Buy Zeagra online 50mg with lens diopters (D). Buy Upkid Cap, if you use laser, take all 5m0g normal precautions for the use of lasers, and gain a clear understanding of the characteristics of the differ - ent forms of laser in current use. 56 (Suppl.

Nat, Rief Zeaga, Spudich JA, Smith DA, Simmons RM. The Latin word is claudus, and the Emperor Claudius was so named because he was lame. 1). 3001. Quality of life will be assessed periodically. Buying Apcalis Oral Jelly Corticosteroid therapy is the mostmon iatrogenic cause of poor antibody production.

White P. By way of introduction, probably the first radiotherapy treatment machine to make oline of a high-activity 137Csource was designed to investigate the optimal geometrical movements for concentrating radiation in a small volume buy Zeagra online 50mg the patient (cer 1956). The 5mg can be found through its relationship with the amplitude by using well-defined principles of optics.

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The Daily BeastWhy There Will Never Be a Female Viagra Perhaps its just the programs I choose to watch, but every time I turn on the television Im bombarded withmercials featuring attractive middle-aged couples in the midst of a smiling, playful, emotionally intimate momentwith the bedroom as their next destination. And I fully understand the message. Im being told very directly that there are medications that can help me recapture the long-past sexual delirium of my younger self. Whats interesting about thesemercials is that even though they are visually and emotionally attractive to both members of a couple, the product thats being touted is for males only. They dont make this stuff for women And while Im grateful that a medical helping hand is available to me, I sometimes wonder: What about women who are sggling with sexual desire Where is the pill for them Some people think the reason we dont have the equivalent of Viagra for women is that it wouldnt be profitable. In reality, nothing could be further from the th. In fact, pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers have tried and tried and tried again to develop the female version of Viagra, hoping to extend the financial windfall that male-oriented gs have beperhaps recognizing that women actuallyplain about low levels of sexual desire much more often than men. The problem is that these gpanies have either otten or ignored the fact that male sexual desire and female sexual desire are quite dissimilar in nature and causation. Male sexual desire is actually pretty easy toprehend. If a guy feels physically turned oneven a little bithes almost certainly psychologically turned on as well (and vice versa).

Of course, as men age their private parts dont always respond the way they did in high school and college, which can make it difficult and less enjoyable to consummate sexual interest. This is where erection-enhancing gse into play, as they can turn even a little bit of physical arousal into a rock-hard erection that sticks around until the deed is done. Heck, research shows that a little bit of Viagra will even help cut flowers stand up straighter for as long as a week. So, put simply, Viagra and similar medications allow a mans physical arousal to match (and possibly even enhance) his psychological arousal. If you dont believe me, consider the difference between hardcore pornography, which even in todays world caters to a mostly male audience, and romance novels and movies, which cater to a mostly female audience. Most male-oriented erotica (hardcore porn) is nothing more than an endless stream of body parts and sexual actsno kissing, no foreplay, no storyline, and no emotional intimacy. Conversely, erotica for women often skips the sex act entirely, focusing instead on the nature and intensity of the couples emotional interaction and connection, because that is the driving force in female sexual desire. Even the recent plethora of relatively sexually graphic romance novels ( Fifty Shades of Grey . for instance) are more about emotions and intimate connections than hardcore sex acts.

In their book A Billion Wicked Thoughts . authors Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam suggest a possible bio-evolutionary reason for this deep difference in male and female desire. When contemplating sex with a man, a woman has to consider the long-term. This consideration may not even be conscious, but rather is part of the unconscious software that has evolved to protect women over hundreds of thousands of years. Sex couldmit a woman to a substantial, life-altering investment: pregnancy, nursing, and more than a decade of child-raising. So yeah, for women there is understandably a significant psychologicalponent to sexual arousal and desireaponent that isnt and cant be addressed by a Viagra-like pill. With women, however, its a different process. Women want more.

Sure, youve got broad shoulders and a hairy chest, but what else do you bring to the table And usually this What else question will be asked several times before a womaneven a woman whos ingested the female version of Viagragets interested enough in sex to say yes.7 Things You Need to Know About Adderall Around college campuses these days, it seems that exams and amphetamines go in hand in hand. A recent study from Brigham Young University mined over 200,000 tweets from college students, discovering mentions of the prescription g Adderall peaked near the end of the fall semesterto three times the average rate. The findings support themon knowledge that all-night cram sessions very often begin with a little help from what High Times calls Americas Favorite Amphetamine. So whos using Adderall, and what risks are theynning Here is your crib sheet on the pills so many college kids pop. Despite these warnings and strict regulation by the DEA, only 2 percent of students in a nationwide study say its use is very dangerous. Eighty-one percent think nonmedical use is not dangerous at all or only slightly dangerous. Mayor Bloombergs Soda Ban: Why It Wont Work Talk about a super-sized oy vey . As the news of Mayor Bloombergs crackdown on how much sugary soda New Yorkers could drink by cup size cascaded through social media, it was clear that he had touched a nerve. Even on The New York Times website, which first reported the proposed regulation, opinion wasnning heavily against Nanny Bloomberg in thements section. In theory, the policy is excellent portion control makes sense given our dietary culture of more (and more) for less (and less).

Lets draw a line in the soda, so to speak, on selling cups that hold more than 16 ounces of liquid. If they cant hold it, they wont be able to drink it. In practice, the execution of said policy couldnt be more execrable. It is hard to think of a better way to turn soda into a symbol for insive, meddlesome, government than to have a humorless billionaire poking his finger of disapproval into ones daily life and arbitrarily saying your cup shall noth over 16 ounces Bloomberg might as well have replaced Lady Libertys torch with a Big Gulp. He is a walking advertisement for libertarianism. The simple reason is thatles like this mock the idea of law and democratic accountability. Youre going to police this how Shut down restaurants that dontply I guess so But then why not insist on maximum calorie limits on everything else restaurants serve, like cheese and steak and dessert When you single out one product but exempt others of a similar kind, you send the message that those who legislate do so unfairly. Manymentators have already weighed in on the second problem, which is that the ban is unlikely to have any impact on obesity and even if it does, it will be too small to be measurable or, rather, wont be measured at all. The evidence that soda has been the lead driver of the obesity epidemic is larded with assertion rather than hard data the randomized control trials that have managed to almost eliminate sugary drink consumption showed no statistically significant weight loss over time, except for those who were obese and high soda consumers to begin with sugary soda consumption has been declining. All this is e and, moreover, it is supported by non-soda-industry-funded research. But more to the point, policies targeting specific foods are all the product of what might be thought of as the great noble lie of public health when ites to obesity: were all eating too much were all getting fat were all going to be obese if Saint Bloomberg and his angelic host of public-health experts and apparatchiks dont save us from our gluttonous ways.

But guess what Were not all eating and drinking too much and getting fat and bing obese. Obesity is simply not an aggregate problem that were all suffering from and that means that micromanaging the food environment is going to do little, if anything, to solve the problem for those who actually have a problem. Take a fairly recent and staggering study. which asked the following obvious question: how much soda do teenagers consume To do this, the researchers analyzed dietary data from the annual National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for the periods 1988 to 1994 and 1999 to 2004, which covered thousands of kids. The results showed that the majority of kids were low to moderate consumers of sugared drinks, but that the top 20 percent of adolescent males were super-consumers, chugging up to 193.6 ounces a day, the equivalent of 16 cans of soda (the mean for this top quintile was a moreprehensible 57 ounces).Exclusive: CIA Falls Back in Afghanistan KABUL, AfghanistanThe CIA is dismantling its frontline Afghan counterterrorist forces in south and east Afghanistan, leaving a security vacuum that U. S.manders fear the Taliban and al Qaeda will filland leaving the Pakistan border open to a possible deluge of fighters and weapons.

The CIA has started to end the contracts of some of those militias who were working for them, said Aimal Faizi, spokesman for outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a longtime critic of the CIAs Afghan operatives. Some of them were in very important locations, so we deployed our troops there. U. S. and Afghan militarymanders tell The Daily Beast that Afghan forces are stretched too thin to replace many of those departing CIA paramilitaries. Thousands more CIA-trained operatives are about to get the boot ahead of what already promises to be a bloody summer fighting season. That could mean spectacular attacks against U. S. and Afghan targets just as the White House is weighing its long-termmitment to Afghanistan. And it could give the now-small al Qaeda movement inside the country more freedom to grow and eventually hatch new plots more than a decade after the invasion meant to wipe out the perpetrators of the Sept.

11 th attacks. Senior U. S. officials said the slow dismantling of the CIAs forces has also alarmed U. S. lawmakers, who had assumed those forces would remain in the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban after U. S. troops withdrew. But CIA officials told lawmakers this past week that with U. S. troops slowly closing bases across the country, the intelligence agencys footprint also has to shrink. The CIA doesnt want to face another high-risk situation like Benghazi, Libya, where militants attacked both the U. S. diplomatic outpost and the CIA base. The U. S. ambassador, one of his staff and two CIA employees were killed in that strike.

The Obama administration had wanted to leave up to 10,000 U. S. troops in the country after the December 2014 withdrawal deadline. But the current Afghan president has refused to sign a long-term security agreement, and the Afghan presidential election seems headed for anoff, meaning it could be months before a new Afghan president takes charge. So U. S. forces here are rapidly closing outposts, preparing to withdraw to six enduring bases that could remain if a security deal goes through before early fall. While the CIA is not affected by the security agreement, it relies on the U. S. military for protection and logistical supportespecially at its far-flung bases in south and east Afghanistan. Just months ago, the talk in administration circles was that these paramilitaries would be significantly expanded in the near future. Now, it appears, the opposite is taking place. The CIA started reiting and training these Afghan paramilitary groups only months after the intelligence agency first entered the country in 2001 ahead of invading U. S. troops, according to current and former U. S. and Afghan officials.

They described the top-secret force in detail on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. (The CIA declined toment for this story.) The elite Afghan teams have built a fearsome reputation for their U. S. special operations-like targeting of terrorist suspects, guided by a handful of CIA paramilitary officers on most missions. The forces now facing the chopping block are 750 members of the Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams in the Kunar regionhome to the elusive Afghan al Qaeda leader Farouq al-Qahtani al-Qatariand the entire 3,500-strong Khost Protection Force. The Khost and Kunar-based units are insmental in blocking the Haqqani/al Qaeda mix that are responsible for spectacular attacks, said one senior U. S. military official. Its not clear what will happen to either unit there is no plan so far to absorb them. Khost province is also the site of one of the worst losses in CIA history, when an al Qaeda double agent blew himself up at Forward Operating Base Chapman, killing seven CIA employees and injuring six more. Karzais spokesman Faizi said the Afghan government had no advance notice of the firings, but later tried to reit the Shkin forces into the ranks of Afghanistans intelligence service, in hopes of keeping them from selling their skills to the Taliban or someone else.

How a Triple Agent Duped the CIA On Dec. 30, 2009, seven CIA operatives were killed at a U. S. base in Khost, Afghanistan, when a Jordanian double agent who claimed to have cracked al Qaedas inner circle proved instead to be a suicide bomberin other words, a triple agent. The warning signs, painfully obvious in hindsight, were obscured by two singular forces that collided at Khost on that late-December day. One was the mind of the bomber, Humam al-Balawi. a man who flitted precariously between opposing camps. The other was the eagerness of war-weary intelligence operatives who saw a mirage and desperately wanted it to be real. Balawis coup as a spy came in November 2009, when, just months after the pediatrician had been reited by Jordanian intelligence, he announced hed be the physician to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the man believed to be al Qaedas operationalmander. From Kabul to Amman to Langley, marble buildings seemed to shift on their foundations. CIA Director Leon Ptashed to the White House, where he recounted the startling turn of events to the administrations national-security team. Later he would repeat the briefing in a private audience with the president.

But as Pta soon discovered, arranging a meeting with the CIAs new star informant was moreplicated than it had first seemed. As Pta pressed for details, an ufortable th emerged: No one from the CIA had ever laid eyes on the man. Indeed, the CIAs files on Balawi were distressingly thin. He had been reited by Jordans intelligence service, the Mukhabarat, yet he lacked formal training as a spy. No one had even heard of him until January 2009, when he had been picked up by the Jordanians for posting violently anti-Western screeds on the Inte. He had turned informant after only a few weeks in the Mukhabarats clutches, but nothing in his background suggested an aptitude for espionage. A year earlier he had been a clean-living pediatrician.

Yet in a few short months he had managed to prate al Qaedas inner sanctum. Yes, Balawis stories seemed almost too good to be e. But they were also far too tantalizing to ignore. Balawi balked. Yes, he replied, it would be good to see a friendly face from home, but not in Khost. The ideal meeting place was on the Pakistani side of the border, in Miran Shah. Bin Zeid pushed back. Balawi insisted. Bin Zeid shared the emails with his friend and partner on the Balawi case, Darren LaBonte of the CIA. LaBonte was getting hammered with queries about Balawi, and the case was making him uneasy.

How was it that this frightened mouse of a doctor hade up with something so spectacular Balawi was smart, that was clear. But was he really this good Weeks later, after an apprehensive LaBonte and bin Zeid had flown to Khost, LaBonte fired off a final warning to his station chief. There are three problems, he wrote. There are too many people involved. Were moving too quickly. Were giving up too much control by letting Balawi dictate events.

The station chief urged LaBonte to press ahead. Soon after, Balawi relented and agreed to meet at Khost. Balawi had no sooner arrived at the base than he disappeared in a flash of unimaginable brightness. A shockwave lifted the Sub that had, without stopping for security checks, deposited him inside thepound.

Roberson and two other security men were flung backward and died at once. LaBonte and bin Zeid were also killed instantly. Eight others standing on the far side of the Sub were cut down by tiny steel missiles that passed over and under the car and sometimes through it. Matthews fell with mortal wounds. Getting a Rise Out of Hef Self-serving semi-fiction Hugh Hefner tells me. Hes talking about a former girlfriends tawdry memoir of life in the Playboy Mansion, splashed this past weekend in Londons Daily Mail just as Hef, 84, was happily announcing plans to marry his current flame, a nubile 24-year-old named Crystal Harris .

Izabella St. James Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion portrays the founder of Playboy, the once-dominant mens magazine in which naked ladies were strange bedfellows with serious journalism, as a jealous cheapskate who kept his blond harem on a tight leash even as he permitted his dogs to soil the carpets and drapes who wolfed down Viagra and waited impatiently for the pills to take effect even as he plied his multiple sex slaves with Dom Perignon and Quaaludes, only to lay there like a dead fish when the party started who refused to wear a condom or have himself and his partners tested for sexually transmitted diseases and who paid his house guests every Friday in crisp hundred-dollar billsin sum, a sad portrait of a dirty old man. It sounds horrible, Hef says on the phone from the Mansion in Los Angeles, punctuating his sarcasm with a snicker. I think the first thing that needs to be said about it is Im not quite suremaybe you knowwhat prompted a story about this book surfacing right at this time. The book was written almost a decade ago. Actually Bunny Tales was published in 2006, five years after the author left the mansion, and the Daily Mails story was apparently inspired by the news of Hefs nuptials. Quite simply, Izabellaand her name is not St. James her name is Polish, its Kasprzykwas one of a number of girls that I dated and lived at the house in the early part of 2001, Hef tells me. She came in about the same time as Holly Madison, one of the stars the E reality series about Hefs interesting domestic life, The Girls Next Door .

Despite what she writes, she didnt leave of her own volition. She left because she was asked to leave because she didnt get along with some of the other girls. She was in conflict with some of the nicer girls like Holly and Bridget Marquardt, along with Kendra Wilkinson, another E Channel fave, and I kind of cleaned house. If she was taking Quaaludes, she was taking them on her own. I wasnt supplying gs to the girls, Hefner says. Hef explains that after his divorce from his second wife, Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad, I was kind of beat up emotionally and ised, and the marriage ended in 1998. And I started dating an actress named Brande Roderick, and almost at the same time met a pair of twins named Sandy and Mandy Bentley. For the next two years, my live-in girlfriends were Brande, Mandy, and Sandywhich reads like bad fiction, but was e. When the relationship with Brande broke up, I added more girls. At one point it was up to seven.

Izabella was one of those seven. After Izabella was banished, Hef says, she wrote the book for clear and obvious purposesand she has been trying toe back ever since. Hefs responses to St. James/Kasprzyks claims are variously dismissive and indifferent: On the charge that he paid each his girlfriends, out of safe in his bedroom, 1,000 a week in cash: That part is e. If you write it and make it sound sleazy, thats easy to do. But the girls got a clothing allowance. On the claim that he imposed a strict 9 p. m. curfew, by which time all his girlfriends had to be at home or else: That was also eand widely publicized. It wasnt a big secret. Why the curfew Hef laughs: So they wouldnt benning around on me On St. James/Kasprzyks allegation that he handed out Quaaludes as aphrodisiacs: If she was taking Quaaludes, she was taking them on her own. I wasnt supplying gs to the girls. On her account of Hefs downing Viagra at a nightclub and then consulting his watch so hed be ready with the girls when it finally kicked in: The description of the Viagra thing is a fantasy that reflects an ignorance in terms of the use of Viagra.

Once you take Viagra, you dont have to be looking at a watch. Viagra takes about an hour to kick in, but lasts for about half a day It simply permits normal sexual activity. On the charge that nobody was medically tested for safe sex: Nobody in the group had sexually transmitted diseases. I was very careful and very concerned about taking care of everybody in terms of sexually transmitted disease. Absolutely there was testing.

One of the things that can be pointed out is that over all the years of extensive sexual activity, nobody ever got pregnant, and nobody was having any serious problems with diseases. The only time anybody ever got pregnant in a relationship with me was the two times I was married. On the claim that he refused to wear a condom: I think one of the ways that you resolve that problem is to have sex with people who dont have sexually transmitted diseases. That claim, in other words, appears to be e. According to Hef, her self-serving, clearly fabricated stories in the book give the impression that they are somehow reflective of former girlfriends. The reality is the opposite of that. My former girlfriends, as Im sure you know, speak highly about the relationship with me, they speak with great love. One of the things that sets my relationships apart from many others is the fact that I have managed to remain close to many of my former girlfriends, including my former wives, because Im a decent human being.

And I treat women very well. I take pride in that. Hef argues that the books description of life at the mansion is wildly at odds with generally accepted reality. The point is were not talking about some place in Transylvaniasome place that nobody has visited, Hef says. As for being a jealous lover, Kendras wedding was held here, Hef says. She and Hank, her husband, are very close friends. As a matter of, I got a very sweet Twitter, or tweet, from Kendra a week ago congratulating me on the marriage. Hef, who has been tweeting nonstop about his engagement to Crystal since he popped the question last week, tells me he presented his bride to be with a 3 1/2 carat round-cut diamond ring on Christmas Eve, while she gave her future husband a painting of them and their dog. He insists hes more than happy to embrace monogamy on this, the third time around, even though obviously, I could have a richer variety of sex if I wasnt going to get married.

The strange reality is that Im more of a target today than probably at any other time in my life in terms of attention from young women. And why would that be Its a good question. I think it has to with the curious nature of iconic celebrity. Still, hes sticking with Crystal. The th of the matter is were soulmates, he says. We get on very well. The age disparity really does not make a great deal of difference. If you are healthy, age is by and large a number.

You dont know when youre going to die. The first girl I had a sh on in high school, who is still a close friend, Betty Conklin, married the fellow she loved and within the next handful of years he was killed in a car accident. You dont really knowand how many marriages last more than a few years It reminds me a little bit of Bogart and Bacallanother May-December relationship. This one probably will be setting some kind of record. Its more January-December. But Bogart was reluctant about getting married and Peter Lorre said, What are you going to do with these last years Are you going to spend it alone or with the girl you love Hef adds with a laugh: Marriage certainly wasnt a part of my plan.

I think it was Woody Allen who said that marriage is the death of hope. And my own experience of marriage led to believe that it didnt fuel romance. And romantic love is what its really all about for me. Fairly gushing, he goes on: I found myself in a relationship in which Crystal and I have been together for two years, and it just kept getting better and better. There wasnt any real pressure.

It was clear to me that she wasmitted to staying with me for the rest of my life, whether we got married or not, and I wanted to secure it. He says they plan to tie the knot this summer, in a ceremony at the Mansion, with about 100 witnesses, including his two grown sons from his marriage to Kimberly Conrad. Hell be 85 in April, so why not just do it nowin Las Vegas Does that sound romantic to you Hef chides. I ask him: You know you wont live forever, right Im doing the best I can. Lloyd Grove is editor at large for The Daily Beast. He is also a frequent contributor to New York magazine and was a contributing editor for Cond Nast Portfolio. He wrote a gossip column for the New York Daily News from 2003 to 2006. Prior to that, he wrote the Reliable Source column for the Washington Post, where he spent 23 years covering politics, the media, and other subjects. What Happened When I Replaced Coffee With 30 Seconds of Exercise Iaposve found that 30 seconds of high-intensity body-weight exercise gives me the same mental boost as a shot of caffeine. After validating the results of my newfound productivity hack on a Stanford-designed test of cognitive performance, these short breaks have be a staple of my workday.

With the rise of scientific self-experimentation (a. k.a the quotquantified self movementquot), academics have designed measurement tools formitted amateurs. Ipared my cognitive performance on caffeine and after exercise with quantified-mind. a website of reaction time and memory tests, which have been validated by decades of psychological research. Ipared my performance on this test to 250mg of caffeine.

As seen from the graph below, my overall score increase 12 percent after exercise, pared to 6 percent on caffeine. One more important note: on caffeine, my test for short-term memory was significantly higher on caffeine than exercise (26 percent vs. 16 percent). This jives with research that caffeine has a especially strong effect on sort-term memory. Female Viagra Is Bad Science I was hissed at, award-winning filmmaker Liz Canner tells me of the moment she took the podium during the FDA hearing on female viagra this June. Youve never seen such emotional blackmail.

Canner is somewhat of an expert on the topic thanks to her 2011 filmasm Inc. The feature-length documentary explored big pharmas search for a cure to female sexual dysfunctiona problem no ones quite sure exists. Flibanserin (marketed as Addyi), which got official approval this week, is one of many gs she followed, all the way until the FDA rejected it in a 2010 hearing. FDA hearings, for the 46-year-old, are nothing new. But this one was decidedly in a league of its own. They were cheering and high-fiving, she says of the group arguing that the g should be approved. It was like a football game. As headlines across the web proclaimed in June, the FDA panelists concluded the hearing byunexpectedlyapproving the g. This week, after a final internal review, the decision became final. Flibanserin will hit shelves on October 17. The FDAs decision to approve the exact g its twice rejected raises questions not only about flibanserin, but the ethics of theanization itself. Canner, who watched the arguments unfold, said politics, not science, won. The June 2010 FDA hearing in which panelists rejected flibanserin is one of the final scenes inasm . At the time, the g was still in the hands of the German pharmaceuticalpany who created it, Boehringer Ingelheim.

After hearing the testimony from both sides, FDA panelists unanimously voted to reject it, calling its serious risks and minimal benefits unacceptable. How did a g that was rejected five years ago just get approved, with no variations to its chemical makeup Its not like the g changed, she says. All that changed there was the people behind it. The people behind it, in this case, is Sprout Pharmaceuticals, a Raleigh, North Carolina-basedpany dedicated to breakthrough firsts in womens sexual health. A picture of eight women with arms crossed and stern faces greets users on the homepage. The eight males who make up the nine-person Board of Directors must have been out that day. Canner says it was clear to her, and likely everyone in the room, that pressure had already been put on the FDA. In the months before the hearing, Sprout launched a sexual health equity campaign called Even the Score. Its message was simple: The FDAs rejection of flibanserin isnt science-based, its gender inequity. The FDA has approved 26 gs marketed for the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions, pared to zero to address the mostmon form of female sexual dysfunction, reads the websites get the facts section. In the months before the FDA panel, Even the Score made huge waves, successfully signing on 26 womens health and researchanizations as official supporters and generating buzz online. Excitement around their gender sade continued to grow in anticipation of the event.

On the day of the hearing, says Canner, they were literally busing supporters in. One majoranization after another got up and told FDA panelists that all of their members needed the g. By the end of the hearing, you felt like there were 20 million women in the room who wanted it, says Canner. Individual women spoke about their marriagesas did their counterparts. Husbands showed up and started crying, saying it destroyed their marriages and if they didnt approve the g they were going to divorce their wives, says Canner. It was that man-to-man thing. What Will Half of Young Black Men Have inmon by Age 23 Even if you know that African Americans are arrested at a greater rate than their white counterparts, its still a shock to see the scale of the disparity.

To wit, according to a new study published in the Journal of Crime amp Delinquency, nearly 50 percent of all black males have been arrested by the age of 23. Overall, 30 percent of black men, 26 percent of Latino men, and 22 percent of white men have been arrested by age 18, and those numbers jumprespectivelyto 49 percent, 44 percent, and 38 percent after five years. In a press release, the lead author of the studyUniversity of South Carolina sociologist Robert Brameis forthright about what this means for their livelihoods and future success, even if an arrest doesnte with a conviction. Criminal records that show up in searches can impede employment, reduce access to housing, thwart admission to and financing for higher education and affect civic and volunteer activities such as voting or adoption. They also can damage personal and family relationships, he says. Its key that were clear about what this information means. The high arrest rate for African American men isnt evidence of greater criminality its evidence of greater policing.

We can see this in arrest rates for different offenses. The black arrest rate for marijuana possession, for instance, is nearly three times the arrest rate for whites, despite similar rates of marijuana use . But, because blacks are more likely to live in hyper-segregated neighborhoods with levels of poverty unseen among whites, theyre more likely to have regular police contact. Likewise, between the war on gs and policies like stop and frisk, blacks in many areas are more likely to encounter law enforcement, not because theyre more likely tomit crimes, but because weve institutionalized the ridiculous view that blackness has something to do with criminality. NSFW Viral Video of the Day: Robin Williams on Golf Robin Williams tragic death yesterday has served as a reminder of the diverse array of talents a performer can possess. His was a career that culminated in some fantastic, haunting performances in more serious roles, such as brilliant therapist Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting and transcendent English teacher John Keating in The Dead Poets Society. But he began his career in entertainment as aedian and made as much of his name in stand-up as in his many memorable on-screen appearances. Is Hell Real In March 1992, Matthew Botsford walked out of a restaurant in Atlanta and found himself in the middle of a gun battle.

He was sck in the back of the head with a 9mm bullet. Before he knew it, he had died and gone to hell. I felt a hot, needlelike pierce, exciatingly painful, for a brief moment on the top of my head, Botsford wrote in A Day in Hell . an account of what he experienced in the underworld during the 27-daya that followed the shooting. Utter darkness enveloped me as if thick, black ink had been poured over my eyes. He later described being hung over an abyss as heat blasted up from below.

Pairs of demonic eyes crept toward him before a divine entity grabbed him by the waist and said, Its not your time. Clearly, this is not the near-death experience we typically hear about. Most of the time, its the visits to heaven that are followed by visits to the New York Times bestseller list, like in the case of 4-year-old Colton Burpo in Heaven Is for Real: A Boys Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back . or Dr. Eben Alexander in Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeons Journey Into the Afterlife (which was excerpted as a Newsweek cover story). Likely because far fewer Americans believe in hell than in heaven, descents into the lake of fire make less frequent appearances on Good Morning America . But to judge by bookstore shelves and the work of a small number of researchers who study this type of thing, they happen quite regularly. Occasionally they do break into the mainstream consciousness.

In 2005 art professor Howard Storm rose to fame after claiming he had been viciously attacked by evil creatures in hell while unconscious before emergency surgery, an experience he described in his book My Descent Into Death . He tried to pray, which only provoked the angry creatures. They screamed at me, There is no God. They spoke in the most obscene language, worse than any blasphemy said on earth. But hell stories circulate most prominently among various stripes of evangelical Christians who fear ending up there. The lore is particularly influential among Pentecostal evangelicals who place a heavy emphasis on invisible spiritual forces stories of near-death experiences of hell play a powerful role in evangelism. Some Pentecostals like Bill Wiese, who claims to have seen 12-foot-tall foul creatures in hell in 1998, have built entire ministries around their experiences in the pit. Its not all fire and brimstone, however. Reported visions of hell are all over the map, says Nancy Evans Bush. author of Dancing Past the Dark .

who has examined and written about distressing near-death experiences, including some that involve descriptions of something like hell. Some are hot, some are cold, some are like deserts, some are like swamp. Some are too bright, in terms of fire, and some are full of wet, slimy, nasty stuff. Ive heard descriptions of wells with slimy creatures in them, but Ive also heard barren wastes with nothing. As for the devil himself Ive never heard a description of a red being with a pointed tail, Bush says.

The appeal of these hellish visions isnt confined to religious believers, though those many claim to have been there often use familiar religious language to describe their subsequent conversions. It is hell, in fact, that is sometimes credited with inspiring the modern study of near-death experiences. In 1943, during World War II, Ge Ritchie was pronounced dead at an Army hospital, only to wake up nine minutes later. Ritchie went on to be a psychiatrist and write several books about those nine minutes, in which he claimed to tour the devastation of hell in thepany of Jesus Christ.

Everywhere spirits were locked in what looked like fights to the death, writhing, punching, gouging, he wrote in Return From Tomorrow . originally published in 1978. Even more hideous than the bites and kicks they exchanged, were the sexual abuses many were performing in feverish pantomime. Perversions I had never dreamed of were being vainly attempted all around us. Ritchies story inspired Raymond Moody.

who coined the term near-death experience and published thenaway 1975 bestseller Life After Life . By the late 1970s, several researchers in psychology and psychiatry had begun studying near-death experiences in clinical settings and charting similarities between them. Roughly one out of every three people whoe close to death will have transcendental experiences, Keh Ring, one of the researchers, told the The New York Times in 1988. I found that it doesnt matter how you almost die, with respect to the kind of experience you have when youe close to deathwhether its in an accident, an operation, or a suicide attempt. Experiences didnt vary whether you were religious or not. Bush, who worked alongside several of the early researchers of near-death experiences at theiranization, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, said the scientificmunity was initially skeptical. I think there is a substantial population of working scientists for whom there is no evidence that would be convincing, she said.

On the other hand, the number of accounts from reputable people who are clearly not psychotic adds up. Though she is not a professional scientist, Bush assisted with several scientific studies and became something of an advocate for the reality that not all near-death experiences involve heavenly lights and divine love. Research methods, like Dr. ce Greysons NDE scale , skewed toward pleasant, heavenlike experiences. But spurred by her own traumatic experience decades earlier and testimony from others, Bush did a literature review of near-death accounts published in scientific studies and realized that roughly one out of five was frightening, traumatic, or otherwise hellish. Working with Greyson, Bush identified several types of what she calls distressing near-death experiences. Some have the same features as heavenly experiencesbright lights, life flashing before your eyes, etc. but the person simply interprets them negatively.

Another type featured a void like Matthew Botsfords overwhelming blackness or some other type of absolute sensory deprivation. And yet another class, by far the most varied, involved visions of actual hell. Not surprisingly, the study of near-death experiences has been met with some medical skepticismstudying mystical visions seems suspiciously religious. But these experiences actually present a problem to doctrinaire believers with specific notions of what hell is like and who goes there.

Mystical experiences in general do not follow doctrinal precepts, Bush says. They are what they are, and the doctrines are off in another room somewhere. Gerad Coles/Getty

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