How to treat erectile problems without drugs

A new survey from The Johns Hopkins University shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans — 67 percent — believe that erectile disorders are caused by an inability to control one’s erections, and that most of the symptoms are a result of an inability or inability to get an erection.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Women’s Health Initiative surveyed 1,922 people who reported having experienced at least one of the following erectile issues, including anxiety, erectile difficulties, and erectile function disorder.

Only 29 percent of those surveyed reported being able to get a erection without drugs.

The researchers also found that while erectile disorder is the leading cause of premature death in men, less than half of those who reported erectile pain reported having a problem that could have been prevented.

Researchers also found more than two-fifths of respondents said that the main reason they reported erections is because they are experiencing stress, and another 26 percent said that they were trying to get them to stop.

About three-quarters of those polled said that their symptoms are related to anxiety, and just over half said that having a partner with an erectile problem caused them to have erectile symptoms.

The survey also found many women who are unable to get or maintain an erection have an issue with their libido.

Women who have an erection problem are more likely to be depressed, more likely be overweight, and less likely to report high levels of self-esteem.

About six-in-ten women who have a problem with their erectile health also reported being sexually anxious, which is linked to more frequent sexual partners and less satisfying sex.

Researchers believe that women with erectile and orgasm problems often feel overwhelmed by their bodies and their relationships, which contributes to a feeling of dissatisfaction, depression, and sexual dysfunction.

“It is not clear how women can manage erectile distress without medication, and there are other health issues that are more commonly associated with erectility disorders, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension,” said Dr. Mary Ann Kohn, senior researcher at the Johns Johns Hopkins Center for Health Policy and Economics.

“There is an ongoing debate about whether medications should be used as a treatment for erectile disease, and this study highlights the potential benefits of using more natural approaches to help women manage erectility and orgasm,” she added.

“Many women who experience erectile or orgasm difficulties have some other health conditions, including chronic illnesses, including obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar, and cholesterol, so it is important that women and their partners be aware of the many health benefits of natural approaches.”

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