PSA: The erection problem is not all bad for men

A new study has found that erectile problems are not all that bad for the male population.

According to a new study from University of Waterloo researchers, the male erectile disorder may have a role in erectile health, but it doesn’t have a causal role.

The research was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Research in Attachment and Development (SRAID) in Vancouver, Canada.

It looked at the prevalence of erectile disorders in men, which are symptoms of an inability to get an erection.

“The main finding of the study was that it’s not all negative,” said researcher Dr. Michael Kiehl.

“There are some indications that it may actually be a positive thing.”

For the study, researchers took data from a sample of men in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 79 who were taking anti-depressants for erectile symptoms.

They also looked at data from people who were using a computer to do the same kind of thing.

“What we found is that erections actually improve with time,” said Kiehls.

“When people are using the computer for more than a couple hours a day, it’s a pretty good indicator of erections.”

So, the research is still preliminary, but the results suggest that there is something that can help prevent erectile issues, but there isn’t much of a causal relationship between erectile-related problems and the prevalence or severity of erectiles.

Kiehl and his team looked at information about erectile disfunction and found that people with erectile dysfunctions are more likely to be male and that people who have erectile difficulties have a higher risk of having problems.

“It’s probably a lot more than that, because we’ve seen in previous studies that the sexual function that we want to see is what is really important,” Kiehn said.

“But the main reason for the difference between erections and sexual function is not that we’re not getting a satisfying orgasm.

That’s the other thing.

The main reason is that there’s a difference in the way that we communicate with our partners about our needs and what we want out of sex.

We want it to be satisfying, and that’s really important.”

It’s not clear what this translates into in the bedroom.

Kieohl said that while there is a lot of literature on erectile functioning and sex, the study found that it was unclear what factors were driving erectile function issues.

“One of the issues is that we don’t know what the underlying physiological factors are.

What we can say is that these factors may have been contributing to erectile dissatisfaction,” Kieshl said.

But Kiehm said that this is just a small part of the puzzle.

The bigger question is whether these issues might have an impact on sexual functioning.

“If there is an underlying problem with sexual function, we know that we need to address it,” Kielhl said, “but it’s the underlying problem that we haven’t yet found an effective treatment for.”

Dr. Pauline Guevara, associate professor of gynecology and reproductive medicine at the University of British Columbia, has been a long-time proponent of erect-related symptoms.

“In general, erectile problem is a sign of poor sexual function,” she said.

“It’s a sign that the patient has a lot going on with the female body and the female sexual organs.”

Guevola said that a lot can be done to address these erectile woes, but she is not convinced that it will help the male patient.

“I would be more concerned about a woman who has had an erection for a long time,” Guecara said.

Dr. Steven D. Levitt, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University, said that the current evidence is too limited.

“We need to do more studies,” Levitt said.

The study found some differences in sexual function between men and women, but no link between erecting problems and erectile strength.

The results suggest there is some information that can be gleaned from the current studies, but we don.

For the time being, the best advice for male patients is to continue taking their anti-Depressant medication, Levitt told CBC News.

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