What You Need to Know About Lexapro

The American Academy of Sexual Medicine has issued a statement in response to the recent publication of a new clinical study that claims a brand new medication can prevent erectile disorder.

In the statement, which was released Friday, the AASM said that the study “does not have the scientific or medical merit to support the therapeutic use of Lexapros.”

It also said the study does not provide an accurate picture of erectile function and that its authors should not be trusted to make informed clinical decisions.

“We urge clinicians to consult their physician or sexual health care provider before taking a new medication,” the statement read.

“This type of research has been done in a way that makes it difficult to conduct meaningful clinical trials of new medications, particularly when they are still in early phases of development.

This is especially true when there is no evidence of benefit for long-term use or safety of the drug.”AASM Chairwoman Dr. Carol H. King said in a statement the organization strongly opposes “trying to change behavior” while erectile problems are prevalent.

She said the organization is “deeply concerned” about the potential harms of the new medication, and urged physicians to talk to their patients about any risks before prescribing.

Lexapros is a brand name for a class of drugs that has been used for erectile health care for decades.

The drug, originally developed by Pfizer and Merck, is being studied for possible prevention of erectility disorder.

In addition to being used to treat erectile disorders such as erectile dysfunctions, it has been shown to treat some of the most common causes of infertility, including menopause, breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

A study of the FDA-approved medication, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that in patients with mild erectile complaints, there was no difference in the number of orgasms that lasted longer than 30 minutes in men taking the drug versus those taking a placebo.

However, the study found that those taking the medication experienced more vaginal and anal pain, increased levels of prolapse and increased rates of abnormal labia.

The study authors wrote that the findings could lead to a recommendation for the use of an extended duration, continuous treatment regimen.

In addition to the FDA review, a separate clinical trial involving the same drug was published in June, but the results were not published.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Lexaprus in a small, open-label study for use as a first-line treatment for erectilia in men and women with mild to moderate erectile difficulties.

The FDA study followed more than 3,500 people over a two-year period.

The results were promising, the agency said.

However the FDA also noted that the drug has been associated with serious side effects, including kidney problems, increased risk of stroke and even death.

It also noted in the approval statement that the FDA is “not convinced that a single dose of Lexapex is safe or effective” in reducing erectile symptoms.

The study was sponsored by Pfogenz Pharmaceuticals.

The company said it has a contract to provide the drug.

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