Why You Shouldn’t Drink Your Juice Every Day

A new study suggests that it’s not just your physical health that’s at risk.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have found that eating a high-calorie, sugary drink every day for at least six weeks can increase your risk of erectile problems.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, is one of the first to link the risk of the condition to eating a sugary beverage, specifically a cola.

And while the researchers suggest that drinking too much of a particular beverage may not be a problem, the risk is still high.

Dr. Peter Schreiber, a professor of medicine and public health at the University, said the results of the study suggest that even low-caloric drinks can increase the risk for erectile disease.

“The association between cola consumption and erectile dysfunctions is well established,” Schreib said.

“This is one more piece of evidence supporting the notion that drinking soda, colas and other sugary beverages is not just an annoyance but actually associated with increased risk for the development of erectility problems.”

Schreib has been studying the link between sugar consumption and the risk and related erectile disorders for decades. “

We’ve known that there is a connection between excessive sugar intake and some health problems.”

Schreib has been studying the link between sugar consumption and the risk and related erectile disorders for decades.

He said the latest findings are a bit surprising given that there was already evidence linking cola intake and erectility.

“In our previous study, we looked at the relationship between soda consumption and male infertility and we found that women who drank five or more drinks per day had a lower risk of male infertility than women who did not drink soda,” Schrebner said.

“What was new in this study is that we also found that the association between soda intake and male erectile issues is also independent of age and education,” he added.

“It seems to be the case that if you have a lot of sugar in your diet, you might have a higher risk of developing erectile difficulties.

There are a lot more people in the world that are obese than there are who are diabetic.

And it seems like we should be focusing on getting our sugar levels down as much as possible.”

Schraiber said that the new findings could also be a reason for the increase in men in his study who have difficulty achieving orgasm, especially those who drink a lot.

“I’m not saying that you should go out and drink a ton of colas, but it’s definitely a concern,” he said.

Schreiber and his colleagues surveyed more than 1,500 men and women in the United States and Canada and found that those who drank at least three or more sodas per day were almost twice as likely to have a partner who had difficulty achieving an orgasm compared to those who did none of the above.

The researchers also found an increased risk of female-to-male sexual intercourse among those who had a history of obesity and diabetes.

The researchers also noted that there were no significant differences in the prevalence of erecting problems among men or women who were overweight, obese, or had diabetes.

In the future, Schreber said, researchers are interested in examining whether the link is causal or whether it is just one of many factors that may play into the erectile disorder.

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